How to Have a Successful Shampoo DAY: The Secrets to Gloriously Clean and Healthy Hair

Hello fabulous hair care enthusiasts! You're here because you're a hairstyling virtuoso, you've mastered the art of curling, braiding, and have the most glorious mane on Instagram, right? But what about the not-so-glamorous task of shampooing and conditioning? You know, the one that actually provides the foundation for all those #HairGoals?

Well, worry not, my hairspirational friends! Today we'll dive into the surprisingly rewarding world of successful shampoo days, discover the secrets behind effective hair washing, and single-handedly elevate your mane game. Ready to unlock the mysteries of shampooing nirvana? Let's go!

The Science of Proper Shampooing

Pop quiz: How do you wash your hair? And do you even remember the last time you gave it a real good scrub? If you're just vaguely rubbing some goop on your head, flipping your hair around like a '90s grunge band, and expecting perfection – well, honey, we need to talk. Proper shampooing requires a little more finesse, and here's the science behind it:

1. Presoak: Begin by thoroughly wetting your hair. This step ensures that you're not merely moving dirt around on your head but are actually preparing to remove it all. Bonus: It prepares your tresses to absorb that glorious shampoo you're about to use.

2. Size matters: A quarter-size dollop of shampoo should suffice for most hair types. If you've got Rapunzel-level length, adjust accordingly...

3. Lather up: Shampoo your scalp, focusing on the roots and using fingertips and nails! I know everyone is against the nails , however you need to exfoliate your scalp, just try not to draw blood. in addition to the motion of shampooing, the type of shampoo is important. To remove product, oils and build up, It's Fabulous® recommends a clarifying shampoo for your first 1-2 shampoos and follow up with a treatment shampoo of your choice. A treatment shampoo address a pain point that you may be experience such as dryness, smoothing, curl maintenance or over-processing. The first shampoo may not work up to a luxurious lather depending on the level of buildup or oils that may reside on the scalp and hair. Remember, the scalp is where most of the dirt and oils live. So, pretend you're massaging the secrets of the universe into your head, and don't forget the nape of your neck. Sidenote: there are shampoos that have exfoliating beads in them that aid in removing oils and dandruff, whether oily or dry. We have them at It's Fabulous® if you are wondering!

4. Rinsing, the underrated hero: It's crucial to rinse thoroughly to wash away all dirt and product residue. If you're anything like me, you love the feel of an ultra-clean scalp. So, give a little extra care here; your hair will thank you for it later.
5. Follow up with the conditioner!! Again conditioner is for your ends. Start at the ends and work your way up do not apply to your scalp!! Most people just plop it on the top of their heads, BTW your stylist can tell when you do that. You conditioner should coincide with your pain point (moisture, volume, curl, etc)

Deep Conditioning: When Does Your Hair Need It?

Ah, the oft-debated art of deep conditioning. When your hair needs it, and how often you should treat your fabulous tresses to a luxurious deep conditioning session, is honestly subjective. But don't worry, we've got you covered with some essential tips:

• Pay attention to your hair's needs: If your locks are begging for moisture or starting to resemble a bale of hay, it's time. Think of deep conditioning as a day at the spa for your hair – the kind that rejuvenates the soul, or in this case, your mane.

• Generally, every two weeks to a month will suffice, but if you've got chemically treated or damaged hair, you might consider a weekly session. Yes, it may seem like a lot, but trust me, your hair will thank you. After all, even the most fabulous among us have maintenance days.

• When choosing a deep conditioning treatment, avoid products that contain sulfates, parabens, and alcohol, as these can be harsh and damaging.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of shampooing and conditioning like a pro, you can go and be FABulous!!! Or if it is to much for your to fathom doing just book an appointment with the Fab Squad.